The innovative and unique Aquaspace products

Unique selling points of the Aquaspace products: Innovative, hi-tech and unique.
NASA and Aquaspace Patents.

The functional principle of the Aquaspace products:

Awesome and hi-tech!

Affordable alkaline and anti-oxidant water!

The Aquaspace products …

can be easily confused with other carafes or pour-thru filters from other manufacturers, looking at them just from the outside. The heart of the Aquaspace products is the engine and that is the active converter (the alkalizer) – a stroke of genius from the House Aquaspace (USA).

After more than two years of research and after more than 700 tests the founder and CEO of Aquaspace Water Systems succeeded.

It is important to know that granular activated carbon (GAC) is not like granular activated carbon. There are thousands of different types of granular activated carbon.

Key is the correct composition, the right surface structure and the optimum distribution volume in order to achieve efficient and sustained filtration and purification. The materials used by Aquaspace are unique and different from all competing products on the market. The manufacturing process is highly complex.

That’s why the Aquaspace products can raise the pH and the water has antioxidant properties.

That’s why the Aquaspace products reach extremely high efficiency and dangerous substances are permanently bound. These chemicals are NOT washed out or released back into the water later on.