The Aquaspace products have even earned the respect and support of NASA Astronaut Jim Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13.

“I know after taking four missions into space for NASA how important clean, fresh tasting water is. You can’t stop anywhere in space to get water… The filtration of water is very important, the lives of myself and my crew depend on it, I recommend the use of the Aquaspace system.”

“While taste is important, better health is the reason to choose the Aquaspace water system over other brands.”

Jim Lovell, Commander Apollo 13.


Dr. Martin Fox, a noted authority on water technology and the author of “Healthy Water for A Longer Life”, recommends the Aquaspace products, “Using the Aquaspace water systems gives you healthy water for a longer life.”

Dr. Martin Fox


“What really counts,

is really pure and healthy water!”

Michael Pedersen, CEO, Aquaspace Water Systems