What the products do…

Overview: This is what the Aquaspace products do, they

    • A L K A L I Z E   (the water becomes alkaline)

      The water is alkaline and the pH rises to about 9.0 pH, 100 times more alkaline than average tap water (pH 7.0).

    • RE – M I N E R A L I Z E  (add minerals to the water)

      Important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are being added to the water from the alkalizing chamber inside the active converter where the ceramic earth minerals are located.

    • M A K E   T H E   W A T E R    A N T I – O X I D A N T

      Produces a beneficial ORP value (up to approx. – 400 mV depending on the quality of the tap water) so that the water has anti-oxidant properties and has a neutralizing effect.

    • R E D U C E

      Reduce a variety of pollutants such as heavy metals (including lead, copper, arsenic, manganese), reduce over 50 volatile organic compounds (VOCs = volatile organic compounds, including chloroform), reduce herbicides, pesticides, hormones and drug residues, etc.

    • C H A N G E

      of course also the bad taste and bad odors.

    • B U I L D    M I C R O C L U S T E R S

      (only used in the Aquaspace drinking bottle)

      The water becomes softer and more fluid through the use of extra powerful and strong neodym magnets.

    • A R E   P A T E N T E D

      NASA and Aquaspace Patents

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