Over 1 Million products sold

Over 1 million filter products sold.

Aquaspace Water Systems Founder, Michael Pedersen, has now spent over two decades developing and testing water filtration systems for the home, the workplace and commercial applications. The result, the patented Aquaspace® Compound, has made Aquaspace Water Systems a leader in the water technology industry.

The new, groundbreaking alkalizing and mineralizing medium (patent pending) has been developed by Michael Pedersen in the past two years and is now ready to be launched.

Aquaspace Water System’s latest product, the active converter is now equipped with these two hi-tech filter media, the Aquaspace Composite Blend and the Alkalizing Ion Ceramic Media, which act synergistically and his peers are looking for.

Aquaspace Water Systems is dedicated to ensuring you clean, healthy water at a better value.

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